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Taiwanese Student in Resort and Hotel program
I feel lucky and blessed that I chose Selkirk College as my life's turning point.  It has become the best choice in my life so far.
- Chen-Min Yeh (Taiwan) ELP and Resort and Hotel Management Graduate.
Testimonial from International Student Kathrin
I made many great friends from around the world.
- Katherin, English Language Program Graduate. Location Switzerland.
Testimonial from International Student Jason
 Teachers and students are very friendly and helpful.
- Jason, English Language Program Graduate. Current China.
Testimonial from International Student Akane
My host father is a great chef! Any kind of dish he makes is awesome. My host mother always makes us happy, and her carrot cake is super yummy! They have two children aged 12, yes, they are twins. They are really active and wild. They love hunting, fishing and riding bikes! They also like winter sports. They always teach me how to play.
Akane (Japan) English Language Program
Elaine, is an International Student from Selkirk
I have a warm home in Castlegar.  I have learned how to cook an apple pie from my host mom.  I am so happy that I can live with them and I will keep good memories forever.
- Elaine (China) English Language Program Graduate.
English Language Student Audrey's Testimonial
Living in residence with a roommate can be really beneficial because it’s possible for you to make a new friend and it helps you practice English.  With your roommate, you can have a lot of enjoyable moments, or you can cook together and you can help each other with homework.
Audrey (Quebec) English Language Program
Testimonial from International Student Chailing
I would highly recommend you choose Selkirk College to extend your knowledge and enrich your life experiences. There are a variety of activities and support in this warm and small school. People are friendly in the town, and the beautiful scenery is just next to you. All the staff are willing help foreign students whenever we need.
Chailing (Taiwan) Social Service Worker Program