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    Choose your path

    You'll have enormous flexibility in meeting the demands of an ever-changing labour market.

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    Unearth new opportunities

    There are numerous routes that an anthropology degree can take you.

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    Find your focus

    Anthropologists approach their studies comparatively and holistically.

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Up to One Year
Associate Degree or Flexible Pre-Major

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What Students Say

melissa koftinoff thumbnail photo
I focused on anthropology from a holistic perspective by taking classes in the socio-cultural, biological, linguistic, and archeological sub-fields...My experience in anthropology provided me with critical thinking skills, which I apply beyond my academic life.
- Melissa Koftinoff, Selkirk College Peace Studies Graduate 2011
megan mustonen thumbnail photo
Studying Anthropology at Selkirk College developed my ability to approach and think critically about different cultures, religions, and ethnicities, including my own. This is essential to my line of work as a Diplomat, and I am continually grateful that I had the opportunity to participate in the Anthropology program at Selkirk College."
- Megan Mustonen, Selkirk College Univeristy Arts Student 2004-2006, Training Coordinator at Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada, Diplomat
michael dailly anthropology testimonial thumbnail photo
If you choose to study Anthropology be prepared to shift your view of history, the world and your place in it. Highly recommended if you are prepared to step outside your comfort zone.
- Michael Dailly
julia caceres thumbnail photo
Anthropology was an integral part of my academic experience at Selkirk. Not only was it one of the few classes that truly prepared me for university, but it also broadened my awareness of the complexities of human life in both the real world as well as the academic, a piquing of interest that ultimately lead me to a degree in History with a minor in Creative Writing.
- Julia Caceres
brittny anderson thumbnail photo
Anthropology informed all of my university courses and many life experiences as it taught me a unique way of understanding the world.
- Brittny Anderson, Selkirk College University Arts Student 2005-2006, employee at the RDCK
jerah verville thumbnail size photo
The course material provided was always exciting, current and thought provoking, and spawned many a heated debate! The Anthropology course at Selkirk College opened my mind and expanded my worldview, and has continued to affect how I live in and view the world today.
- Jerah Verville, Selkirk College University Arts Student 2000, Founder of New Life Nutrition
Anthropology courses offer value that extends far beyond just college credit. After final exams and into the workforce, the lessons I took from those studies have stayed with me and broadened the foundation of my personal and professional perspectives.
- Alanna Tynan
micheline marr thumbnail photo
Studying anthropology at Selkirk College has done more than any other course to broaden my horizons and make me think critically. There is no end to the applications that anthropology has in our society today.
- Micheline Marr, Selkirk College Liberal Arts Graduate 2013
mike graeme thumbnail photo
It was at Selkirk College where I began to discover how my own culture fits into the anthro-sphere and how it contrasts with and affects, sometimes devastates, differing cultural modes of being and living on this planet.
- Mike Graeme, Selkirk College University Arts Student 2011-2014