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Instructor, Biology, Workplace Training
Phone: 1.888.953.1133 x21388
Direct: 250.365.1388
Dean of University Arts and Sciences; Instructor, Mathematics
Phone: 1.888.953.1133 x21331
Direct: 250.365.1331

Program At-A-Glance

Length of Study: 
9-Month (3-modules)

What Students Say

Delia is a phenomenal teacher – she makes even the most complex ideas, concepts, functions and processes easy to understand. Her classes have so many practical aspects to them, which allows one to take what they are learning and apply it directly to their staff.
Ashley Ryland - Employee Health & Wellness Coordinator, Taos Ski Valley, Inc.
Delia, it was such a pleasure to meet and ski with you last week. Thank you for the great work you do with Fit for Snow and our staff. I know it has helped us and will continue to bear fruit. Also know that what you teach us has beneficial ripples that continue on to our guests as we teach our classes every day. You are making the world a better place, one healthy snack at a time, so to speak. Keep up the good work; I look forward to your updates and reminders. Cheers, PBwell.
—Patrick Brockwell, Adult SnowSports School Manager, Taos Ski Valley
For safety professionals, this course adds a different dimension. If you are frustrated by trying to reduce injury through policy and procedure, while seeing you still have injuries, this is one of the missing pieces. Delia’s program focuses on preparing the person by giving them better information and an opportunity to physically and mentally prepare for the job.
Peter Koch - Safety Management Consultant with Maine Employers’ Mutual Insurance Company (MEMIC)
Our background is in industrial safety and forestry so we had a lot to learn about nutrition and hydration and how that affects our work performance. I came away from the training with really good ideas on how to advise forestry workers on how to better prepare themselves physically and nutritionally for work and how this is directly linked to better mental performance and decision making.
Gerrard Messier, Manager of Project Development at the BC Forest Safety Council