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  • Get hands-on practice
    Get hands-on practice

    Studio time will help perfect your unique skills and processes.

  • Find the right technique
    Find the right technique

    Turn up the heat and reach your potential for creation.

  • Explore your personal expression in metal
    Explore your personal expression in metal

    Turn your passion into a career, ornamental or commercial.

  • Learn to use the tools
    Learn to use the tools

    You will design, sculpt, mold and cast using traditional techniques.

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Victoria Street, Nelson

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What Students Say

Eben Finer, Metal Casting Student
I regard my time in the metal studio at KSA as an important milestone in my artistic career, it opened my mind to the possibilities of the metal casting world and reunited me with the timeless implications of blacksmithing. These coupled with the chance to work with excellent and extremely helpful faculty and like minded students it was a truly fulfilling expereince.    
- Eben Finer, Blacksmithing Grad, 2012 and Metal Casting Grad, 2013