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  • Internationalize your career
    Internationalize your career

    Work with diverse students in small class sizes.

  • Learn & participate within a dynamic program
    Learn & participate within a dynamic program

    You'll be exposed to a wide variety of learners and styles.

  • A growing global demand
    A growing global demand

    Qualified English language teachers are needed in domestic and international schools.

  • Let the world be your classroom.
    Let the world be your classroom.

    Teach reading, writing, listening and speaking

  • TESOL is a four-month face-to-face program
    TESOL is a four-month face-to-face program

    Be prepared for the international classroom

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Length of Study: 
Advanced Diploma

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In the News

Selkirk College TESOL Program Brings International Experience Home

Selkirk College’s Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Program has brought a world of cultural experiences to one alumna who’s chosen to build a career at home in the West Kootenay. Emily Kandborg teaches English to speakers of other languages with the Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy.

Selkirk College TESOL Program Takes Local Teachers Abroad

Two teachers with roots in the West Kootenay have launched new careers abroad with the help of Selkirk College’s Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Program.

What Students Say

The Selkirk TESOL Program was an amazing experience, and I cannot imagine going to teach without having such a great platform to start from. Not only did I gain so much knowledge from all our wonderful instructors, but sharing our experiences and perspectives with the other TESOL students added immensely to this program. I cannot wait to apply what I have learned in my future opportunities!
Suzanne Paquette, TESOL Alumni 2017
Ryan Sesto, TESOL Alumni 2017
The TESOL program was an incredibly comprehensive and rewarding experience. I could not recommend it enough for anyone who would like to enter the teaching profession or spend a few years working outside of Canada. I am so happy to have been a part of this program.
Ryan Sesto, TESOL Alumni 2017
TESOL student Grace's Testimonial
I am happy that I was a part of TESOL program. I could develop so many things like public speaking, group work and confidence in English from the program. It is also helpful to me to make it through the business program that I am in. 테솔 프로그램을 통해서 정말 많은 것을 배울 수 있었는데요, 특히, 이 프로그램을 통한 영어에 대한 자신감, 의사소통 능력, 팀워크는 제가 지금 공부하고 있는 비즈니스 프로그램에 정말 많은 도움이 되고 있습니다.
- Grace (Korea) TESOL Program.
TESOL student Sara's Testimonial
The TESOL program is a fast-pace, international, world-wide experience I am so grateful for!  What I have learned here will benefit me in any future career I pursue.  I am so glad I took this opportunity!
- Sara Howard, TESOL 2012 Graduate.
TESOL Student Morgane's Testimonial
My student teaching experience during the program is one of the most satisfying academic projects I have ever done in my post-secondary education.
- Morgane (Canada) TESOL Program 2011 Graduate.
TESOL student Marie's Testimonial
I thoroughly enjoyed the TESOL course at Selkirk College. It was much more than I expected, covering everything from philosophy of teaching and building curriculum, to basic grammar refreshers that I needed more than I would have believed!
- Marie Campagne, TESOL Graduate and International Practicum Student.