New Post Grad Cohorts Arrive to Tenth Street Campus

May 10, 2024
Post Grad Hospitality New 2024

A two-year learning journey for those pursuing careers in the hospitality and tourism sector began in early May for 40 new students on Nelson’s Tenth Street Campus.

The Postgraduate Diploma in Hospitality Management and the Postgraduate Diploma in Culinary Management programs are geared towards international students who want to elevate their education, skills and training for in-demand positions across Canada. This year’s incoming classes include learners from Ghana, India, Nigeria, China, Philippines, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

“I have been mentoring students in this program for six years and feel truly lucky to have this position, I truly love my job and the ability to share my knowledge and experience with them,” says Thomas Render, an industry-veteran and instructor in the culinary management program. “The community should know they can be nervous and it would be great for them to welcome the students. The community should also know that this is the talented class that will be running Scholar’s Dining Room in the winter of 2025.”

Post Grad Culinary New 2024
Students in the Postgraduate Diploma in Culinary Management (above) and the Postgraduate Diploma in Hospitality Management (top of page) are settling into the community and their learning journey that began in the first full week of May.

The School of Hospitality & Tourism postgraduate programs were established at Selkirk College in 2014 to meet the demands of the sector that requires formally trained graduates in a wide variety of disciplines within the industry. The spring intake provides an opportunity for students to settle in while gaining some foundational skills prior to a summer break and return to class in September.

Both programs are a mix of classroom and hands-on learning provided by a team of experienced industry-tested instructors. Other than running Scholar’s Dining Room, students are part of the team that helps put on numerous events at the Mary Hall banquet room over the course of the year. The program also includes paid work terms in locations all across British Columbia. 

The majority of students arrive to the Tenth Street Campus with both previous post-secondary credentials and industry experience which makes graduates of these programs welcome additions to a sector in constant need of quality employees. 

“Students come to us with so many dreams about living and working in Canada,” says Martin Keyserlingk, chair of the School of Hospitality & Tourism. “The image they have of Canadian life is almost without fault. They leave so much behind to take this massive leap into our community, often leaving children at home with their spouse, and of course parents and grandparents. They are excited, but it’s also an anxious time as they get settled in. I would encourage the community to give them a chance and get to know them.” 

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