Enrol in Co-op Education

Co-op education is a process of education that formally integrates students' academic study with periods of related work experience with an employer.

A co-op work term is four-months long and aligns with the regular semester schedule. It allows you to access experiential learning in your field of study by applying your studies in a real employment setting. Co-op work terms are paid positions with associated cost and reporting requirements to the college.

You will maintain your full-time student status while getting to access real-world experience. 

Access the Co-op Experience


Contact us

Get in touch. We'll let you know about co-op opportunities.


Prepare your résumé

Need help with your résumé? We can help!



Search and apply for jobs

Use your network, visit job sites or visit StudentJobs. Interview for and obtain a co-op-eligible job.


Let us know

Get in touch when you have your co-op placement. You will need to sign an agreement form.


Pay tuition and start working

Once we submit your agreement to the enrolment office, you will need to pay your tuition. You are ready to start your co-op job!


Mid-term and end-term

During mid-term you will need to check in with a Co-op Education team member. At the end-term you will need to submit a completed summary report. Earn six credits!