Add/Drop Courses

Add a Course

Before the term starts: Add courses through your student portal

Weeks 1 and 2: Add courses using the Course Registration Change Form

Week 3: Courses can no longer be added.

International Students

All international students must meet with a Selkirk College counsellor to add courses.

Drop a Course

Before the term starts: Drop courses through your student portal

Weeks 1 and 2: Drop courses using a Course Registration Change Form

Week 3:  You can drop courses with the Course Registration Change Form

If you do not complete a Course Registration Change Form, it might result in a did not withdraw (DNW) and no tuition refund. A DNW can have a negative impact on your grade point average (GPA). 

Refunds are based on the date the Enrolment Office receives your Course Registration Change Form

International Students

International students who are in their first semester are not eligible for a refund of their semester/course tuition. The non-refundable seat deposit, which is the portion Selkirk College will retain if you choose not to attend, is equivalent to the normal 15-week semester program tuition regardless of your semester start date. International students who are enrolled and withdraw after the semester begins will also forfeit college fees. Please refer to the International Refund Policy attached with your letter of conditional acceptance (LOC) or letter of acceptance (LOA) for further details.  

Note: Refunds are based on the date the completed Course Registration Change Form is received in the Enrolment Office. For more information, read Policy 8616: Student Withdrawal and Refunds.

Program Withdrawal Procedure

Withdrawing from your whole program? Please fill out a Program Withdrawal Form and submit it to Enrolment Services.