Partner Institutions


The American Business School (ABS) in Paris: ABS is a prestigious university located in central Paris that offers internationally recognized degrees. All courses are taught in English, so students do not need to have any prior French language skills before they go. 

This exchange is only open to students in Business Administration.


Study Korean language and culture through the Global Korean program.

  • Busan University of Foreign Studies (BUFS) in Busan offers foreign language and culture courses. The rate of foreign professors is higher than 35%, and it features a cross-cultural environment for international students from 30 countries. There are various cultural field trips and scholarships for international students. Watch a video about BUFS.

  • One of the top-10 universities in Korea, Dongguk University (DU) in Seoul is one of only a few Buddhist-affiliated universities in the world. Its doors are open to students and teachers of all faiths and philosophies. DU provides a world-class education that bridges east and west on many levels. Watch a video about DU.

  • Experience a world-class campus at Jungwon University (JU) in Goesan-gun, Chungbuk. There is a waterpark and a golf course on the campus. All the buildings are in the traditional Korean tile roof architecture style, and both the exterior and interior walls are made of marble. Watch a video about JU.

  • Located in the heart of Cheongju, Chungbuk, Seowon University (SWU) is a four-year private university in South Korea with about 7,000 undergraduate students. It has six undergraduate colleges and two graduate schools. Watch a video about SWU.

  • Shinhan University (SHU) in Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi, is a four-year university with six colleges and 30 departments. There are about 7,000 enrolled students, including about 600 foreign students. SHU offers mentoring programs, counselling programs, and online Korean programs for foreign students, as well as courses exclusively for foreign students. Watch a video about SHU.

Selkirk College students are selected each year for a scholarship that covers most living expenses while in Korea.


Study Japanese language and culture through the Global Japan program at the Nagoya University of Foreign Studies (NUFS) in Nagoya, Japan.  

Two Selkirk College students are selected each year to receive a scholarship that covers most living expenses while in Japan.


Robert Gordon University located in Aberdeen, Scotland, has opportunities for our students to study on exchange for a semester and take courses in their BusinessCommunications or Tourism programs.


After your two-year diploma at Selkirk College, you can complete your bachelor's degree in only one year at our partner institution Tralee Institute of Technology.

How Much Will It Cost?

The total cost for studying abroad on exchange with one of our partners will vary from person to person and depend on the economic situation of the country you travel to. The costs listed below are approximate.

Typically, your tuition costs will be the same or cheaper than you would pay in a normal semester at Selkirk College. Additional costs you will need to consider include airfare, study permit/visa application fees, accommodation and cost-of-living fees.

Airfare  $1,000–$2,000 approx.
Study permit/ visa application fees $100–$200 approx.
Accommodation $300–$1,100/month
Living costs $300–$700/month
Tuition (for language and culture exchanges) $900/semester
Tuition (for full credit transfer exchanges) $1,500—$2,000/semester
Other Selkirk College fees $80–200 (depending on program)

Living costs will depend on the country you are studying in. For example, costs in Central and South America are typically less than living costs in Europe or Japan.