Frequently Asked Questions: Scholarships

When can I apply for Selkirk College scholarships

Scholarship applications open February 15 and close March 31.  

When can I apply for a Selkirk College Early Entrance Scholarship

You don’t need to apply for early entrance scholarships. To be eligible, new students (who have never attended Selkirk College) need to apply for their program between September and December the year before the program start date.  

Do I have to maintain a full-time course load? 

To maintain eligibility for your scholarship award, you must be in a minimum 80% course load.  If you are unsure, please contact Financial Aid.

Students with a documented disability who are registered with Accessibility Services must maintain a minimum 40% course load. 

Can scholarship funds be deferred?

In certain cases, entrance scholarships can be deferred. Please contact Financial Aid.