Sexual Violence Prevention

Sexual assault is a serious crime and is never the fault of the survivor. If you're supporting someone who is opening you about experiences with sexual violence, use this guide to supporting survivors

Getting Support

Coming forward to share an experience or make a report is a difficult, personal and complex process. We are committed to ensuring survivors have access to the support, resources and information they need.

On-Campus Resources

Off-Campus Resources


Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Training

The Safer Campuses: Sexual Violence course explores sexual violence, consent and how to be an active bystander.

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The course was collaboratively created as part of the BCcampus Sexual Violence Training and Resources Project, which was led by BCcampus and a working group of students, staff and faculty from BC post-secondary institutions. The project was funded by the BC Ministry of Post-Secondary Education & Future Skills. 

In-Person Expanded Training

Employees can request expanded two-hour workshops on bystander training, consent and supporting survivors. Contact Healthy Campus to request these workshops.

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Selkirk College's Sexual Violence Policy

In April 2016, the Provincial Government passed Bill 23, Sexual Violence and Misconduct Policy Act.

The Act requires every public post‐secondary university, college and institute in BC to develop, implement and make publicly available on the institution’s website, a sexual misconduct policy that addresses sexual misconduct, including sexual misconduct prevention and responses to sexual misconduct and sets out procedures for:

  • Making a complaint of sexual misconduct involving a student
  • Making a report of sexual misconduct involving a student
  • Responding to a complaint of sexual misconduct involving a student
  • Responding to a report of sexual misconduct involving a student

Selkirk College adopted the Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Policy, which takes a three-pronged approach: the policy itself, setting in place protocols and procedures as well as generating awareness through prevention strategies, training and specific initiatives.

The policy is woven into Selkirk College’s Student Code of Conduct, Standards of Employee Conduct as well as other College policies that set standards and give direction how members of the College community will interact with each other. 

View the policy.