Short-Term Programs


Language & Culture Experiences

This program is offered during the fall, winter and spring terms.

Join existing academic English language classes at your level. Take core classes in reading, writing, grammar and communication and choose 1-2 elective seminars. If you come for less than seven weeks (1 module), you would not be expected to write final exams unless you choose to.


You will have the opportunity to go hiking, canoeing, skiing and other outdoor activities depending on the season. On weekends, you can sign up to do fun activities and go on short, organized trips with other students.

You may be required to pay admission or transportation costs for some activities.

Weekend trips may be organized if there is enough interest, examples include:

  • Banff: 2 nights ($275)

  • Kelowna: 1 night ($180)

  • Vancouver: 2 nights ($300)


Specialized Tours

Participate in a program specifically designed for your group of students and adapted to fit your group's study goals. Specialized tours can be arranged for groups of 12-14 students throughout the year (except the period from December 12 through January 3).

For example, we have created specialized programs for groups interested in English language acquisition, jewellery making and early childhood education. In the past, such programs have included visits to local daycare centres as well as some theory on educational methods in Canada. 

Contact us to ask about specific programs of study.


For a general language-based program, students take core classes in English reading, writing, grammar and communication. Typically, classes run from 9 am-12 pm each day. Additional courses in specific subjects can be arranged on request. 

Afternoons consist of a combination of activities and studies depending on the day. Activities included in the afternoons may include canoeing, hiking, local tours, art, golf, tennis, whitewater rafting, skiing and more.

Number of students   

You must have a group of 12-14 students to book a specialized tour.


Summer tours may have the option of having classes in Nelson or Castlegar.


Summer: June–August

Fall Semester: September 4–December 12 (no tours between Dec 12-Jan 3)

Winter Semester: January 3–April 12

Spring Semester: April 29–July 30