Tuition & Fees

We know that investing in your post-secondary education can be a challenge, but we’re here to help. Explore opportunities for financial aid and awards.

Find Your Fees 

Program-specific information is available on program pages under the tab "Tuition & Fees." You can also get a breakdown of estimated costs below.

Domestic students 2023/24 and 2024/25
International students 2023/24 and 2024/25

If you are a student from outside of Canada, please visit International Tuition & Fees.

Due Dates

All fees are due and payable on or before the first day of class.

Detailed tuition and fee amounts will be available in your student record after you have registered. Login and click "My Course Enrolment History" in the left-hand menu and then select "Registration Receipt."

To find out deadlines for adding and dropping courses, paying your tuition and fees, withdrawing from courses and more, check out important dates

Miscellaneous Fees

Along with your course fees, there are other costs to keep in mind.

Miscellaneous fees include, but are not limited to the audit fee, course challenge fee, course outline request fee (if request is for outlines older than five years), document fee, duplicate parchment fee, external invigilation exam fee, convocation fee, prior learning assessment fee and transcript fee.

Fee details



What is it?

Application (domestic) 


Non-refundable. Must accompany your initial application. 

Application (international) 


Non-refundable. Must accompany your initial application. 

Tuition and student services fees: late payment charges 


May be applied to all accounts not paid in full by the first day of class. 

Course challenge 


Additional exam cost (on top of course fee). 

Course outlines (pre-2010) 


Fee for first 20 pages, $1/page after 20 pages. 

Document fee 


Fee per document. 

Duplicate parchment 


Fee per duplicate copy. 



Supports the Convocation ceremony. 

Program fees 


Additional fees to offset program costs. 

Seat deposit 


Non-refundable. Reserves your seat in your program. 



Fee per official copy. 

Transcript, rush 


Processed within 48 hours from the day of request. 

Supplementary and Ancillary Fees (Mandatory Fees)

Supplementary and ancillary fees are assessed in addition to the tuition fees. These fees are set yearly and are listed in the Tuition and Supplementary Fee Bylaw approved by the Selkirk College Board of Governors.

Tuition fees (including supplementary fees) will be students’ contribution to the overall costs for direct instructional activities, including materials and supplies used in the delivery of programs, and studio and/or lab facilities.

Ancillary fees provide necessary support to the primary activities or operations related to improved student experience, services and learning, including a learning resource fee for the enhancement of learning resources (inclusive of technology), a student services fee to support Healthy Campus initiatives and student’s transition to work enhancements, an activity fee for recreation facilities and programming to support services for students.

Students' Union Fees

Students' Union fees are established by the Selkirk College Students' Union and collected by Selkirk College on its behalf.

All Students' Union fees, including the Students' Union health and dental fee, are established, and managed by the Students' Union and all inquiries must be directed to the Students' Union. Approximate Students' Union fees displayed on the website include both the Students' Union fees and the health and dental fee.