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We are incredibly proud of every Selkirk Alumni and the difference they make within their communities.

We love to acknowledge and credit the accomplishments of Selkirk Alumni. Read more about our graduates and tell us your story.

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Dotun Adedoyin in a gold circle

Dotun Adedoyin

Business Administration

Dotun Adedoyin used the skills he learned at Selkirk College’s Business Administration program to start his own media production company: Reel Collective Studios. He continued his education with a bachelor’s degree in business administration from University of Prince Edward Island and is now looking to complete a master's degree in the same field.

“The academic and creative support I received from the Selkirk College community encouraged me to stay on track with my passion, helping me turn what I love into a career,” says Dotun.

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During the pandemic, he felt inspired to produce and direct his first short film Rebirth, which premiered at the Black Cultural Society of PEI as the official film selection for Black History Month. The film features Black creatives on the Island in a celebration of African history, music, dance and culture.

We are proud to report that Dotun has had continued success with the film, receiving the Arts and Culture award at the Fusion Charlottetown Awards and was featured in the 2023 Charlottetown Film Festival.  Want to collaborate with Dotun? Follow these links to connect: Instagram, Facebook , Film Page

An image of graduate Kit Tang playing guitar

Kit Tang

Contemporary Music & Technology Program

Kit Tang remembers his time at Selkirk College fondly and sees it as crucial in understanding his potential to make music a lifelong career. He began playing guitar at the age of 10, inspired by Bon Jovi, and taught himself with any resources he could find. 

During the Contemporary Music & Technology Program, Kit was exposed to a variety of music production techniques, and he found his passion expand to more complex instrumentation.

He credits instructors Don Macdonald and Darren Mahe for encouragement and valuable feedback, and says, “the response from my classmates was enthusiastic. It made me aware that my music was communicating.” 

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Tang continued his music studies in sound engineering at the Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology in London, Ontario. His career has included joining forces with international music production companies, including JTC Guitar, Ibanez Guitar, HESU Amps, Mama Pickups, SIT Strings and Soundbrenner Pulse.

Learn more about Kit’s success through YouTube and Instagram.

Graduate Mike Bibby

Mike Bibby

Fine Woodworking Program

Mike Bibby has an exceptional story of how he became a graduate of the Fine Woodworking Program in 2020. Mike and his wife were once geologist working in oil fields in South Africa. After travelling the globe and wanting a career change that was better suited to their burgeoning family. They chose Nelson because of the stunning natural environment and Selkirk College’s Fine Woodworking Certificate. Now, he enjoys flexible hours and going hiking and climbing with his twins. They have made Nelson home.

Mike describes his experience in the Fine Woodworking Program as “fun and good value for the cost. Everyone is focused on their own projects but also learning from each other. All the students were very passionate and dynamic, it was a motivating atmosphere.”

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Mike and his wife run two successful businesses—Bibby Fine Furniture and Bibby Fine Interiors—that complement each other nicely. His business got off the ground in large part from the many referrals his Selkirk College instructor, David Ringheim, provided.

He has reached capacity as a one-person enterprise, doing 95% custom-made furniture. He would like to find a bigger space where he can expand his business and mentor new graduates from the program.

Graduate Mahala Swisterski smiling

Mahala Swisterski

Rural Pre-Medicine Program

Mahala completed the Rural Pre-Medicine Program and is now completing her Master of Science, specializing in public health, at the University of Lethbridge.  

Reflecting on her academic journey, Mahala says, "I don't think I would be doing half the things I am doing without my well-rounded background, thanks to the RPM Program. Having a balance of technical science courses with social-focused ones not only made me an ideal candidate for the experiences I have had but helped me get on my current path and find what I am truly passionate about.”

Mahala also incorporated a co-op experience at Selkirk Innovates into her learning journey, which she says catapulted her into her career. "My co-op term taught me so much about myself, but also gave me the experience I needed to be where I am today. I am so glad I did it."

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Mahala's thesis research focuses on whether parental pandemic unemployment affected the communication development trajectories of infants in low-income families. She hopes to have this research published soon.

She recently presented at the Canadian Society of Addiction Medicine Conference, where she showcased her research, titled: “What promotes drug recovery success in rural Alberta? Insights from lived experiences." She also co-presented with her supervisor on the topic of “Lived Pathways to Opioid, Methamphetamine, and Crack Cocaine Addiction Recovery in Rural Canada." As part of a practicum, Mahala has also used her expertise and skills to create a dashboard on community health metrics for the Alberta government. Mahala is now starting a new position as a research and evaluation analyst for the Government of Alberta, where she hopes to bring her knowledge into practice. 

A photo of alum Mitch Rosko smiling

Mitch Rosko

Business Administration Professional Management Program

Mitch Rosko came to Selkirk College to play for the college hockey team and took the Business Administration Professional Management Program. When he wasn’t on the bus travelling to a game or studying, he was out hiking, exploring, fishing and enjoying everything the incredible mountain range had to offer. He fell in love with the outdoors.

Selkirk college gave him the tools and passion to launch his business, Paved to Pines, with his college hockey teammate. Together, they have built over 50 incredible custom conversions for people and businesses across North America, and they are continuing to grow every year.

Mitch says, “the Business Program provided me with real-world lessons. I was able to meet folks from all corners of Canada and even made friends from across the globe and those friendships are still going strong today.”


A photo of Andrea Trischuk standing with a river and mountains in the background

Andrea Trischuk

Integrated Environmental Planning Program

Andrea Trischuk's Selkirk College experience was nothing short of life-changing, and it provided her with a solid foundation for a successful career in the environmental field. 

She emphasizes the profound impact of small class sizes, passionate instructors and a close-knit community as making all the difference to her ability to foster meaningful connections.

"Speaking of instructors, I can't say enough about how awesome they were," she says. "They were not only experts in their respective fields but also incredibly passionate about what they taught. This enthusiasm was contagious and made every class engaging and inspiring."

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But the true testament to Andrea's success came after graduation. Armed with the knowledge and skills she acquired during the program, she quickly landed a fulfilling job as an environmental technician at a Yukon mine. 

We are immensely proud of Andrea and her achievements and look forward to catching up with her as her career progresses.