Dual Credit

Students sit with textbooks

Dual credit is an opportunity to take a course or program and earn credit for high school and post-secondary at the same time. It means you can start your post-secondary journey while you're still in high school or start a pathway toward a specific hands-on career.

Who Is Dual Credit For?

Dual credit can be a way to jump start a career in trades, health or other hands-on industries. If you're curious about courses or programs in a certain subject, dual credit is way to explore what it's all about. 

Dual credit may not be for everyone. Students should check with their intended institution to ensure that taking a post-secondary course won’t eliminate them from specific admission categories or scholarship criteria. Generally, students who may be concerned can take a course by audit in these cases. 

Dual Credit Programs and Courses

Health Care Assistant

Early Childhood Care & Education

Youth Train in Trades

Open Studies

ADMN 170: Introduction to Business