Transfer Credits

If you have attended another post-secondary institution, you might be able to have your credits transferred to Selkirk College to meet course prerequisites or to be applied against graduation requirements. If you have questions or would like to review your transfer credits, get in touch with an academic counsellor.

For details on transfer pathways in British Columbia, see the BC Transfer Guide.

Complete a request form

Fill out an Application for Transfer Credit form.

Order a sealed official transcript from the post-secondary institution(s) you attended. Have the institution(s) send the transcript directly to Student Records or bring it in yourself. 

The envelope and seal must be unopened and unbroken or provided via a secure electronic service, such as MyCreds, directly to Records Services

Provide course details

Transfer credit requests for institutions outside of BC must include detailed course syllabi/outlines.

Sometimes, detailed course syllabi/outlines from BC institutions are required. If detailed course syllabi/outlines are written in a language other than English, official translations to English need to be included.

Submit your documents

Email your application for transfer credit to Records Services.

Know your timelines

It usually takes four to six weeks to process general transcript evaluations once we have received all your documentation. Complex assessments that require consultation may take considerably longer.

  • For a September start, submit documents prior to April 1.

  • For a January start, submit documents prior to November 15.

  • For a May start, submit documents prior to February 15.