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Manufactured parts for Kalesnikoff Mass Timber

Kalesnikoff Mass Timber company was installing a new production line, and flying technicians in from Europe, and they required help manufacturing parts to build it in a short timeframe. Selkirk Innovates produced these parts locally and on time at the Selkirk Technology Access Centre, when it would usually be outsourced to Vancouver. We also taught student researchers on the machines and processes.

Custom prototypes for Ford trucks

During the COVID pandemic, AC Global Systems in Trail, worked with Selkirk Innovates to 3D scan the interior of a Ford truck to create a custom partition for their service vehicles. The Selkirk Technology Access Centre provided the prototypes and 3D prints, then did a small production run creating custom jigs and instructing student researchers on the processes. AC Global was able to patent the Safetivity systems adjustable for different trucks and golf carts and reduce the amount of fuel needed.