Scholar's Dining Room, Nelson

Chocolate cake with macaron

Experience Fine Dining

Join us for a great meal and a great experience, all prepared by Professional Cook, Resort & Hotel Management and Postgraduate Hospitality Management students.

Scholar's Dining Room is an interactive classroom where our students can practice and learn service standards and operations in a safe, supportive environment. While we strive to do our best, mistakes and funny moments will happen. We appreciate your patience and sense of humour.

Thank you for your continued support of our students and our program. We look forward to seeing you soon! 

Upcoming Events

Oktoberfest Family-Style Menu: October 5 & 6 (Sold Out)

The world’s largest celebration of Bavarian culture. Scholar's Dining Room is putting a spin on this world-renowned event with our own German-inspired menu.

Fall Menu: October 12 & 13 (Sold Out)

Inspired by the beauty and freshness of the fall, our chef has cultivated a menu to help us slide into the season. Vegetarian options are available.

Signature Menu: October 19 (Sold Out) & 20 (Sold Out)

Take a peek inside what Chef Sandra loves to eat and prepare for her guests. Vegetarian options are available.

Tasting Menu: October 26 (Sold Out) & 27 (Sold Out)

Experience a classic tasting menu consisting of eight small-bite courses carefully cultivated by our chefs.