Our Team

Jennie Barron

Allison Alder

Marya Skrypiczajko
Mir Centre for Peace Assistant

Laura Nessman
Administrative Assistant

Mir Advisory Council

  • Community Members: Fred Makortoff, Jos Sharp, JJ Verigin
  • Internal College Members: Dianne Biin, Sarah James, Todd Kettner, Pablo Pastor, Shana Rablah
  • Ex-officio Members: Allison Alder, Maggie Matear, Duff Sutherland, Taya Whitehead

Working Circles

  • Lecture Series: Dianne Biin, Morag Carter, Sarah James, Todd Kettner, Duff Sutherland, JJ Verigin
  • Peace Cafés: Allison Alder, Noah Cannon, Aaron Korbacher, Pablo Pastor, Jos Sharp
  • Building and Grounds: Bronwyn Krause, Fred Makortoff, Shana Rablah, Gerry Rempel, Duff Sutherland, Peter Wood

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