Mir Centre for Peace History

The Mir Centre for Peace vision began in 1966 when the college inherited the buildings and site, but the rich history of this magnificent piece of land and the people who have lived here stretches back for centuries.

Building a Mandate for Peace

The Mir Centre was established in 1999 with the mandate of understanding and building cultures of peace through education. Mir—an ancient Russian word with the complex meaning of peace, community and world—encompasses and defines the following values:

  • Peace and social justice for the individual, family, community and world

  • Respect for cultural, ethnic, philosophical, spiritual, religious and intellectual diversity

  • Dignity of work and service to humanity

  • Education and learning that advance these values

The Mir Centre for Peace is housed in a restored early 20th-century Doukhobor communal dwelling.

Read Understanding and Building Cultures of Peace: A Brief Narrative History by Myler Wilkinson