Frequently Asked Questions: Skattebo Education Forest

Is the SEF public land?

No. Selkirk College has owned the property since 1999.

Can I cut firewood in the SEF?

Firewood cutting is discouraged because it can have an impact on the environmental and educational goals of the property. If a member of the public is found cutting firewood, they will be advised to leave by a college representative.

Can I use motorized vehicles on and off the main road?

Motorized vehicles on the main road are discouraged as road maintenance is minimal. College vans and student vehicles occasionally use the road to access various locations within the forest. Visitors to the SEF are asked to park at end of the pavement, but not obstruct any driveways. To protect the forest’s sensitive ecology, motorized vehicles are not allowed off the main road.

Is any forest harvesting planned?

There is no forest harvesting planned. While Selkirk College is the owner of the land, the timber continues to be reserved to the Crown.

What are the ribbons hung all over the forest?

Coloured ribbons are often hung to mark plot and sample locations for student projects.

Is camping allowed on the property?

No. Camping is not allowed on the property.

How does the college oversee parties and off-roading on the property?

College representatives are not always on site. The public is encouraged to contact us or local RCMP with any concerns.