Mixology and Oenology

CULM 163 Mixology and Oenology.  The purpose of this course is to introduce the learner the fundamental beverage knowledge required to manage a resort/hotel beverage operation. The course is clearly broken into theoretical and practical segments. From a theoretical point of view, the learner will become familiar with important government regulations and the liabilities that influence a beverage operation. The ''Serving It Right'' Program, (a provincial requirement for anyone serving alcoholic beverages in BC will be covered thoroughly). The course will examine the methods of production of different spirits, beers and wine. A significant portion of the course will be spent on wine appreciation. Classroom discussion will cover grape varietals, VQA standards & certification, wine production and wine tasting arrangements. Wine and food pairing will also be covered with a general overview of classical cooking terminology. From a practical point of view, the course will provide the learner with the controlled formal practice time necessary to learn the full range of mixology methods ' stirring, building, shaking, and blending.