Fine Woodworking Program Adds Tools for Success

February 28, 2023
Fine Woodworking gets new tools

Students in Selkirk College’s Fine Woodworking Program are benefitting from new additions to the shop on Nelson’s Silver King Campus that are helping provide high-quality outcomes.

Earlier this year, the program was awarded a grant from Architectural Woodworking Institute Education Foundation to purchase $12,000 in high-quality tools. Instructors put the funds to good use with the purchase of two Festool 1400EQ routers, three large Festool CT 36 E HEPA dust extractors and two Mirka DEROS 6”/2.5mm electric sander & dust collector kits. 

Typically, outside the reach of the program budget, the series of small handheld power tools are assisting students in learning outcomes and keeping the dust down in the shop. 

“All of these tools represent some of the best possible equipment that is on the market today, including some of the best technology and features which allow students to achieve their best possible work,” says the program’s instructional assistant Scott Stevens. “In addition to the high build quality and sophistication included in the design, one of the most exciting aspects of all of this tooling is the advanced dust extraction that they provide.” 

Paired with the new machine shop dust extraction system upgrade installed last year, the new tools ensure the cleanest and safest work environment for students.

“We would also like to extend our gratitude to the Architectural Woodworking Institute Education Foundation for support us in this upgrade,” says Stevens. “Without a doubt, the quality of work and the air quality present in our space has been significantly improved with the acquisition of these tools.”

Find out more about the Architectural Woodworking Institute Education Foundation here.

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