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  • Now fully online!
    Now fully online!

    Build your network at Selkirk College

  • Now fully online!
    Now fully online!

    Feel successful in your chosen path.

  • Now fully online
    Now fully online

    Thrive in a challenging yet supportive learning environment.

  • Now fully online!
    Now fully online!

    Choose from flexible, full-time or part-time studies.

  • Now fully online!
    Now fully online!

    Learn from industry professionals in personalized settings.


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What People are Saying

Kwanghui Jeong, South Korea
  Selkirk College has the most dedicated teachers and friendly staff who helped me gain the knowledge and skills needed to achieve my goals.
Kwanghui Jeong, Alumni
Brittany Ogloff Selkirk College Alumna
My co-op terms at Grant Thornton really solidified for me that I was on the right career path as I enjoyed the work I was doing. I enjoyed the work so much it inspired me to continue my education after Selkirk College.
Brittany Ogloff, Business Administration, Selkirk College
Dane Culbert
Post-secondary in a small community is perfect. You still get the same quality of education and you get the one-on-one experience with instructors that you wouldn’t get in the first couple of years at a bigger university. You can easily start the same program here and get to the same place… it depends whether you want to be a number or a name to your teacher.
Dane Culbert, Business Administration Diploma, 2020