Ski Industry Courses

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On top of our Nelson, BC-based two-year Ski Resort Operations & Management Diploma Program, we offer several online industry-specific training courses for lift personnel and risk managers working within the snow sports and hospitality industry.


Lift 150 – Train the Trainer

Lift 150 is the first step in developing an integrated, standardized training program for ski industry operating and maintenance personnel. It is designed to help passenger ropeway and passenger conveyor supervisors or managers develop a comprehensive program for training their operators.  Used across Canada to prepare supervisors and managers as trainers, Lift 150 is currently required for certification by Technical Safety BC (TSBC) for all passenger ropeway trainers in British Columbia.  

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A second step in the certification process for passenger ropeway trainers in British Columbia has recently been introduced by TSBC. Training material developed and implemented through a follow-up online course with TSBC, Passenger Ropeways and Passenger Conveyors: Act and Regulations, highlights regulations and requirements applicable to passenger ropeways and passenger conveyors and their owners/operators, in British Columbia.

Successful completion of the LIFT 150 course and the TSBC course is required to qualify course participants for certification by Technical Safety BC (TSBC) as passenger ropeway trainers. TSBC issues passenger ropeway trainer certificates and these certificates name the ropeway types for which the certificate holder may provide training.

As a prerequisite to taking this course, you must: be familiar with one or more passenger ropeway types and their operation, have extensive experience in operating ski lifts safely, and currently hold a ski lift operations supervisory position which involves the safe operation of ski lifts by personnel under your direct supervision.

Every August, the self-paced LIFT 150 online standardized training program for passenger ropeway and passenger conveyor trainers opens for registration. Course and exam are self-paced (accredited exam invigilator required). Last registration for the year is mid-March.  

Approximate time required to complete the Lift 150 course: 20 hours

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Passenger Ropeways and Passenger Conveyors Courses (Lift 151, 152, 153) 

Developed in partnership with representatives from the Canada West Ski Areas Association, Technical Safety BC, Alberta Elevating Devices and Amusement Rides Safety Association, Alberta Safety Codes Council and Selkirk College, these online courses are offered three times a year (fall, winter and spring). These online courses guide maintenance and operational staff in the ski industry through a comprehensive understanding of regulations governing the construction, maintenance, inspection and operational requirements of passenger ropeways and passenger conveyors found in the current CSA standard.

Note that these lift courses are specific to Z98 requirements ONLY and do not address specific licensing and safety requirements individual provincial safety authorities may have. All students registering for these courses are required to obtain and use their own copy of Z98-19.

Learners can start these courses anytime throughout the specific offering (registration closes one month prior to exam) but must complete all course work prior to taking the scheduled exam(s). Though these courses (151, 152, 153) can be taken concurrently, passing the exam of the previous course is required to take the next exam the following day. There are no refunds if your coursework is not completed on time.

LIFT 151 – Surface Passenger Ropeways and Passenger Conveyors  

Guides course participants through current applicable regulations governing the construction, operation and maintenance of surface passenger ropeways and conveyors. This includes fibre and wire rope tows, ropeways for secondary carriers (e.g., tube tows), T-bars, J-bars, platter lifts and passenger conveyors.

Approximate time required to complete the Lift 151 course: 35 hours

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LIFT 152 – Aerial Fixed Grip Passenger Ropeways

Lift 152 carries on from Lift 151 and moves into regulations governing the construction, maintenance and operation of fixed grip aerial passenger ropeways.

Approximate time required to complete the Lift 152 course: 25 hours

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LIFT 153 – Aerial Detachable Grip Passenger Ropeways

Lift 153 delves further into the regulations to include requirements that apply to both fixed and detachable grip aerial passenger ropeways and those that apply to detachable grip aerial passenger ropeways only. This course continues with discussions on Z98-19 content and studies construction, maintenance and operational requirements found in Clauses 4, 6, 11, 12, 13 and Annexes A through L of the Standard.

*** Lift 151 & 152 must be completed prior to taking Lift 153. Exams can all be written within same cycle.

Approximate time required to complete the Lift 150 course: 15 hours

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Registration Information

Step 1

Once you have registered and paid for your course with the college, you will be sent a receipt from the college along with an information sheet on how to enroll in the online course so you can complete the training and practice quiz questions. Your course instructor will also be notified of your enrolment and is available for questions. These are self-directed courses.

Step 2

Final exam dates for each course are noted below. Exams are administered by Zoom, a working webcam and mic are required to take the exam. Participants must complete each exam within the time limit specified and must score 80% for a passing grade. Exam dates for the three courses run on three consecutive days. You can choose to write your exam at a different time other than the college’s scheduled day(s) if you can find a local authorized invigilation centre (typically government offices, high schools or libraries). Your instructor will provide details. If you are taking any of these courses (151, 152, 153) concurrently, you must pass each exam to continue to write the following exam.

Upcoming Course Dates

  • Fall 2024: September 3 to December 10
    Fall exams: December 11 (151), 12 (152), 13 (153)
  • Winter 2025: January 6 to April 14
    Winter exams: April 15 (151), 16 (152), 17 (153)

Western Canada Small Ski Resort Scholarships

If you are a small ski resort in Western Canada with less than 20,000 skier days, please contact us to see if you qualify for our 50% scholarship—for the first five participants of Lift 151 and Lift 152.

SNOW 156 – Ski Resort Risk Management

Offered every year in late January, this 12-week beneficial online course is for anyone with risk management responsibilities to help learn to assess and manage the risks ski areas face on a day-to-day basis using actual case studies and online discussions about current industry issues and solutions.

This online course is designed for people currently working in a ski resort environment. Participants who are not working in the industry may have difficulty completing some assignments and participating on online discussions. Participants are required to have computer access, with sound, and high-speed internet. A textbook must be purchased separately from the Selkirk College Bookstore.

Approximate time required to complete the SNOW 156 course: 45 hours

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