Administrative Assistant Advanced Certificate

Program at a Glance
    Program Outcomes
    1. Demonstrate standard administrative skills
    2. Demonstrate workplace related collaborative skills
    3. Explain the legal responsibilities of office personnel in providing a safe and healthy workplace environment
    4. Demonstrate emerging employability skills
    5. Outline the importance of ethical and professional behaviours and conduct themselves accordingly in an academic environment
    6. Demonstrate basic numeracy skills
    7. Apply entry level accounting principles/practices as required
    8. Use technology and software applications to industry standards
    9. Communicate professionally in various formats to a variety of stakeholders
    10. Explain basic customer service theories and techniques
    11. Function collaboratively in a workplace environment

    12. Conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner in a workplace environment

    Successful completion of the Office Administration and Technology Certificate – Office Assistant Specialty (or equivalent) with program grade point average of 2.67 or better.

    Additional Requirements

    The deadline for receiving required documentation is stated in the student’s admissions letter.

    An interview (in person or by telephone) with the program coordinator (or designate) may be required before entry to the program.

    Where space permits, students may be admitted up to the end of the first week of the course. Admission beyond this point will only be possible with the approval of the instructor(s) involved.


    1. Before an applicant's file is considered to be complete, the following must have been received by the Admissions Department:

    a) Completed application form.

    b) The appropriate official transcripts.

    2. Entry may be limited by admission requirements, space limitations and/or completion of preadmission assessment.

    3. Part-time Study
    Subject to space limitations, program admission requirements, and course prerequisites, all three programs accommodate part-time study.

    Graduation and Promotion

    The minimal requirement for graduation is a cumulative program GPA of 2.67 or equivalent standard.


    1. To be promoted a student must achieve a minimum grade of "P" in every course.

    2. Students must successfully complete the Office Administration & Technology Certificate with a minimum GPA of 2.67 to qualify for entrance to one of the Advanced Certificates.

    3. Any student who has left the program because of unsatisfactory performance may be readmitted with the approval of the School Chair or designate after consultation with instructors.


    1. Credentials:

    Bookkeeping Advanced Certificate

    1. To be eligible for an Advanced Certificate, students must complete all requirements of the Advanced Certificate within 2 years of entering into the program.
    2. A student who has completed the graduation requirements with a cumulative GPA of 3.67 or better and no "B-" or lower grades in any subject will be designated as graduating with Honours.
    3. The minimal requirement for graduation is a cumulative program GPA of 2.67 or equivalent standard.
    Required Courses

    OTEC 111 Keyboarding II is an advanced keyboarding course designed to increase keying speed and accuracy to a minimum of 50 net words per minute on a five minute timing. Students cover the alphabetic and punctuation keys, keyboard numbers, and symbols. Keyboarding software provides immediate feedback and records results. Lessons must be completed successfully within the required accuracy goals before advancement. This course or the equivalent skill is essential for those interested in advancing in an office career.

    OTEC 110 or equivalent with a minimum of 60%

    OTEC 190 Preceptorship - The two-week preceptorship/work placement integrates the skills developed from training into the working environment reinforcing the new skills and knowledge. The preceptorship gives students an opportunity to apply, extend and integrate academic and technical knowledge through work experience with qualified organizations.

    OTEC 111, OTEC 171, OTEC 172, OTEC 175, and 181 Acceptance into the Advanced Certificate program

    Effective Term:

    Fall, Winter, Spring

    Effective Year:


    Advanced Standing:

    For more information, see Policy 8614: Advanced Standing.


    Re-Entry Instructions:

    1. Students, who withdraw from their program, may apply to re-enter within one year of departure.

    2. Priority for re-entry will be given as follows:

    a) Students who interrupted their program for illness or compassionate reasons.

    b) Students who failed to meet program requirements for promotion.



    This Program uses the Standard Academic and Career Grading Table and Competency Based Grading Table. To view all College grading tables, see Policy 8612: Grading.


    Grading Table:

    Standard Academic and Career Programs

    Types of Assessments:

    1. Assessments

    a) Students are expected to complete the course outcomes independently and with original work unless specified otherwise by the instructor.

    b) Students are assessed and graded for each course outcome as indicated in the respective course outline.

    c) Exams, labs, group or individual projects, assignments, presentations, professionalism and other evaluative activities are weighted and averaged as indicated in the respective course outline.

    d) Missed assignments and tests will receive a zero mark if not submitted. However, in some courses it may be mandatory to submit all assignments to an acceptable level and/or to write all exams in order to receive credit for the course. If accepted, late assignments may be subject to penalty.

    e) Individual course outlines may have other specific requirements for assignments, grades, and/or examinations.

    2. Examinations

    a) In some courses, students must receive a passing grade on specified exams in order to pass the course. The details will be explained in the applicable course outlines.

    b) Students may be allowed to make alternative exam arrangements, with the appropriate instructor, for valid and verifiable reasons such as medical emergency, family bereavement, or jury duty.




    1. Participation Responsibilities

    a) Students are required to follow course schedules and participate in online class discussions on a regular basis. Punctual submissions of all of the scheduled learning activities are expected of all students.

    b) Where absenteeism adversely affects a student’s progress and performance, behavioural probation and/or withdrawal from the program may result.

    c) Students planning an extended absence from the course must notify or make arrangements with their instructor in advance. Instructors are not obligated to provide alternative instruction or assessments in order to accommodate student absences. Failure to notify the instructor may result in withdrawal from the course.

    d) See individual course outlines for any additional attendance and participation requirements.


    Professional Requirements:

    Student Conduct

    a) Students are expected to behave in a professional manner while in class and/or on Moodle. This includes being respectful of and contributing to the learning environment in accordance with the student code of conduct. For additional information, see Policy 3400: Student Code of Conduct-Rights and Responsibilities.

    b) Students are expected to be prepared for all classes prior to its start. Assigned materials are to be completed by students; such materials and textbooks are not necessarily reviewed page by page by the instructor.

    c) The student is responsible for researching and obtaining notes of missed sessions. Instructors will not provide personal reviews to students for missed material.

    d) See individual course outlines for any additional professional requirements.


    Other Regulations:

    See Policy 8400: Student Appeals



    1. If a student has a term or cumulative GPA less than 2.67, the student will be placed on academic probation for at least the next semester.

    2. For additional information: See Policy 8619: Probation


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