Bhavi Mashruwala

Weekend Attendant, On-call
Facilities & Business Services

Master's in commerce (India); PGD in Accounting (Selkirk College)

1 (888) 953-1133
1 (250) 687-1310
"I feel so grateful that right after graduating from Selkirk College, I am getting this opportunity to stay closely connected with the instructors and getting to meet new students." —Bhavi Mashruwala, Tutor, School of Business

My important takeaway from my student life is: Always try to connect with people, try to help as much as you can—be it with study projects or organizing events, or maybe simply guiding someone or sharing your own story. Take initiative, talk about your mistakes with your instructors or seniors. Try to take the opportunity to try new things. This campus has a lot to offer, but only if you are willing to take it.