Coby van der Gaast

Textiles Instructor
School of the Arts
1 (250) 352-2821
Nelson Victoria Street

Beginning my textile studies at Cherryville and at Handcraft House Textile School in North Vancouver in 1974, I have continued my studies and research over the years with celebrated weavers such as Suzanna Lewis, Robert Loewe and Madelyn van der Hoogt. In 1989 I collaborated in the design and production of 50 official sweaters for the BC Winter Games, and in 1990 received a Knitting Guild of America Design award.

I have over 27 years of textile practice in weaving, dyeing, knitting and basket-making, as well as 10 years of teaching experience. Travelling extensively, I have been influenced and enriched by cultural textiles and have taught fibre techniques in Teotitlan, Mexico.