Janet Mayr

Janet Mayr Staff Bio
School of University Arts & Sciences

BA (U of PEI), MA (McMaster University), Sociology

1 (888) 953-1133
Instructor, Sociology, Women's Studies
“Selkirk College has given me the opportunity to focus on teaching rather than on just researching.”- Janet Mayr Sociology and Women’s Studies faculty 

I have ten years of experience teaching and researching at McMaster University with the departments of Sociology and Labour Studies. In 1995, I visited my parents who live in Raspberry Village, BC: I fell in love with the Kootenays and decided this is where I wanted to live – so another big move happened.  Luck was on my side when I found my dream job in 1997 -- teaching sociology and women’s studies at Selkirk College.  I’ve been here ever since. 

I have been fortunate to have lived in four of our great provinces in Canada. I spent my first 12 years in Calgary, Alberta; we then moved to beautiful Prince Edward Island where we were dairy farmers, and by 1985, I completed my Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in Sociology at the University of Prince Edward Island. Then I was off to the big City of Hamilton, where I completed my Master’s Degree at McMaster University in 1986. 

When I’m not reading, preparing, marking, and otherwise being engaged in the fields of sociology and women’s studies, I enjoy living in the country with my husband Rob. We are avid gardeners and spend hours creating “rooms” throughout our woodland property.  Our vacation time is spent camping throughout BC and touring on our motorcycle.