Jason Nickel

Jason Nickel Staff Bio
School of University Arts & Sciences

BSc - Physics (Honours, UBC Okanagan); MASc - Electrical Engineering (UBC Okanagan)

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Instructor, Mathematics & Physics

“Everyday on my trip onto campus, I am uplifted by surrounding beauty of the region and I’m excited for the opportunity to inspire students to learn about the nature of things through the lens of physics. I am grateful that I can work, thrive and play here.” – Jason Nickel, Instructor, Physics

In his youth, Jason had a knack for math and puzzles, a curiosity of how things work, and a fascination for nature. Jason grew up in the rural area called Coldstream and was fortunate to attend the nearby Okanagan College for first year sciences. Since blood and molecules weren’t his thing, Jason naturally gravitated toward physics. He found enjoyment in tutoring and teaching labs. He completed a B.Sc. Honours in physics at UBC Okanagan, followed by a Master of Applied Science in electrical engineering. 

Jason discovered an affection for the West Kootenay region during a summer camping trip in his early 20’s.  With some luck, he was offered a teaching position at Selkirk College, where he found his passion for teaching.  For ten years, Jason has been honing his techniques in order to provide the best learning experience for students.

Jason lives in his self-built tiny house in sunny Krestova.  He finds fulfillment in hiking, climbing mountains, growing food, playing music, and connecting with people.  He is always striving toward a better version of himself.

“My experience in Physics 103 and 105 was challenging yet fun. Jason kept classes interesting with stories, cool examples, group activities, and always gave fair assessments. The lab material was always hands on, which is what you'd expect from any good physics course. Most importantly Jason created an environment that felt calm and safe without losing a professional manner. Whether it was through his relaxing demeanor, or the frequent wellness checks and tips that Jason supplied throughout the year, I truly felt supported by him.”   – Logan Campbell, RPM II student.