Jonathan Vanderhoek

RPM Program Coordinator, Instructor
Jonathan Vanderhoek UAS Faculty
School of University Arts & Sciences

Honors BA, Philosophy (Calvin College); PhD, Philosophy (University of Texas in Austin)

1 (888) 953-1133
1 (250) 304-6510
Rural Pre-Medicine Program Coordinator, Instructor, Philosophy
“One of the great joys of teaching is supporting students who feel an intellectual restlessness, students who seek a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them. As instructors, we can equip students with tools that enable greater exploration. We can help them to find the questions, concepts, and arguments that open doors in a pursuit of critical reflection.” – Jonathan Vanderhoek, Instructor, Philosophy

Jonathan joined Selkirk College in 2016 because he wanted to work at a teaching-focused institution while living in a community that prioritizes quality of life. Before moving to the Kootenays, he was at large in Texas completing a Ph.D. and serving as a Clinical Ethics Fellow in various hospitals. His primary academic interests include questions in Biomedical Ethics (e.g., how should we in medicine “treat” the dying process?), Moral Psychology (e.g., what is the role of empathy in making moral judgments?), and Existentialism (e.g., how are we responsible for shaping who we become?).

Jonathan’s non-academic interests include hiking in the mountains, playing hockey, reading beautifully bound books, and brewing and baking.

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