Veronica Roberge

Veronica Roberge Bio Photo
School of Health & Human Services



Instructor, Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Veronica traded the hustle of Ontario for the laid-back charm of the Kootenays. After falling head over heels for the stunning landscapes during her travel nursing contracts, she decided to call the region home.

Veronica started as a health care aid and then worked her way up scholarly to be a nurse. Veronica earned a Registered Practical Nurse Diploma, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a Master of Clinical Science in Wound Healing. But her love for learning didn't stop there.

She's proudly certified as a nurse specialized in wound, ostomy and continence, and is officially recognized nationally through the Canadian Nurses Association. Veronica is also a foot-care nurse, providing foot care to vulnerable populations. Undeterred in her pursuit of academic advancement, she is scheduled to complete an infection control practitioner course in the new year.

Her love for teaching was sparked by a professor in her academic life. Veronica started as a health science tutor and after her first degree, she was able to teach various workshops around Canada. Veronica developed her instructing skills in various nursing roles.

When she's not teaching, you'll catch Veronica working as a nurse in long-term care, spending time with her husband or breaking a sweat in the gym.