Strategic Plan

A strategic plan helps define who we are, including our vision, values and commitments. It outlines our goals and creates a shared road map for achieving them.

Building Remarkable Futures: Strategic Plan 2019-2024 has guided us for last five years. We’re examining our key priorities and visual identity and charting our evolution over the coming years through the development of a new strategic plan. 

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Collaboration & Consultation

Higher Education Strategy Associates (HESA) is assisting the development of a new strategic plan. HESA has extensive experience guiding post-secondary institutions through strategic planning processes. 


HESA will work with a steering committee comprised of Selkirk College employees.


Selkirk College Steering Committee

Maggie Matear, President 

Taya Whitehead, Vice-President, Education & Students 

Lareena Rilkoff, Interim Vice-President, College Services, CFO

Brier Albano, Associate Vice-President, Student Success 

Margaret Sutherland, Board Chair 

Christy Anderson, Board Vice Chair 

Donna Drover, Director, Facilities & Business Services 

Nick Howald, Chief Information Officer 

Rod Fayant, PPWC Local 26 President 

Dianne Biin, Director of Indigenous Education and Engagement 

Chantal Lortie, Chair, EDI Committee 

Tiffany Snauwaert, Dean 

Tracy Punchard, Dean 

Haydee Hunat, Student Union Representative

Leesa Dean, SCFA Representative, Faculty, School of Business, School of University Arts & Sciences

AJ Wearmouth, BCGEU Representative

Terri MacDonald, Director, Applied Research & Innovation 

It's important to engage the communities we serve in the strategic planning process. There will be facilitated in-person opportunities for consultation (internal and external) in Nelson, Castlegar and Trail and online survey opportunities for a broader variety of stakeholder groups.


*Please note all dates are subject to change.

  • Launch: February 2024
  • Survey: March 2024
  • Real-time consultations: March–April 2024
  • Environmental scan: February–April 2024
  • Consultation with local Indigenous communities: Spring 2024
  • Plan development: June–October 2024
  • Draft plan submitted to steering committee: November 2024
  • Draft plan submitted to Board of Governors: December 2024