Scholarships, Bursaries & Awards

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Make a Real Difference

Each year Selkirk College students collectively face over $1 million in unmet need to attend higher education and achieve their dreams. Students can be discouraged from pursuing post-secondary education because of this cost barrier. Your gifts help to bridge the unmet financial gap and provide motivation to unleash student’s potential.

Donate to an Existing Award

Fund a New Award

Creating a student award can be a wonderful way to honour a loved one, celebrate an inspiring career or leave your legacy. 

The fund type you select dictates how your donation is held at Selkirk College Foundation and the basic administration of your student award.

Spending: A One-Time Gift

Contribute funds to be distributed over at least three years. 

Minimum contribution: $3,000.

Annual: A Recurring Gift

Commit to an annual gift for a fixed number of years.

Minimum commitment: $3,000.

Endowment: A Lasting Gift

Make a philanthropic investment over a period of 50 years. 

Minimum commitment: $30,000.

Customize your award

When customizing the award, we want to ensure your interests are at the heart of the award and represent your ideas and wishes. 

You may consider the following options:

  • Choose a meaningful name for your award. 

  • Share a few sentences about the inspiration for your award. 

  • Focus your award on your interests or vision. 

  • Set who receives the award recognition and acknowledgement.


Bursaries support students to overcome financial barriers to fund their education. 

How Is My Award Disbursed?

New bursary set-up deadline: September 1

Bursary application period: September 15-October 31

Adjudication of bursaries: November-December

Bursary notification letters sent out: December 15

Students receive bursary funds: February


Scholarships celebrate academic excellence. Recipients are selected for outstanding academic performance.

Choose between different types of scholarships: entrance, GPA, application or department nomination.

How Is My Award Disbursed?

New scholarship set-up deadline: January 15

Scholarship application period: February 15-March 31

Adjudication of all scholarships: March-June

Scholarship notification letters sent out: June 

Students receive scholarship funds: July-September