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  • Choose your path
    Choose your path

    You'll have enormous flexibility in meeting the demands of an ever-changing labour market.

  • Unearth new opportunities
    Unearth new opportunities

    There are numerous routes that an anthropology degree can take you.

  • Find your focus
    Find your focus

    Anthropologists approach their studies comparatively and holistically.


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Length of Study: 
Up to two years
Associate Degree

What People are Saying

Instructor Lori Barkley's approach is balanced, informed by both book learning and more practical experience, and most importantly, open to challenge. I've always left her classes feeling like my critical thinking skills were being exercised, as opposed to simply regurgitating information.
Shane Giofu - Liberal Arts Diploma in Creative Writing, with Honours, 2017
julia caceres thumbnail photo
Anthropology was an integral part of my academic experience at Selkirk. Not only was it one of the few classes that truly prepared me for university, but it also broadened my awareness of the complexities of human life in both the real world as well as the academic, a piquing of interest that ultimately lead me to a degree in History with a minor in Creative Writing.
- Julia Caceres
Haley Seven Deers
I highly recommend that everyone take at least one course in Anthropology during their studies at Selkirk College; it will have a deep and lasting influence on personal and professional lives alike.
Haley Seven Deers - University Arts & Sciences graduate 2017